Friday, April 11, 2014

Be Human First N Then Human Being.....


Animation Using Office Supplies Only

A GIRL NAMED ELASTIKA from Guillaume Blanchet I Filmmaker on Vimeo.
Canadian-based film-maker Guillaume Blanchet has produced a short film which takes us through the adventures of Elastika - a girl crafted entirely out of elastic bands and thumbtacks. The charming three and a half minute stop-motion animation was created using everyday office supplies and takes place on a cork board - a deceptively intricate project that took Mr Blanchet nine months to complete. A Girl Named Elastika, which has won awards, follows the fearless character on an epic voyage around the world, set to the tune of a catchy soundtrack. The plucky character crosses oceans, stops by Paris's Eiffel Tower and San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge, passes through a casino and a magical firework display, and even explodes into space - all built with the very simplest of office staples. Her mode of transport morphs from a car to a boat to a spaceship, and finally a colorful bunch of balloons which carry her gracefully to the moon. The short film made its debut on Vimeo last week and has gained over 4,000 'likes' already.


Thursday, April 10, 2014

India's Largest Election Database

India Votes Even though election data is available online, it is not easily searchable. And that’s where India Votes comes in. Here you will find detailed data in the form of tables graphics and pie charts for all Lok Sabha elections since 1952 and all state elections since 1977. For instance, you will find colour-coded maps listing voter turnout by constituency, age and gender; lists of winners and runners-up in elections with percentage of votes; tools like Swing Impact, Close Contest, etc, which help in analysis of election results; alliance data for Lok Sabha elections since 1991, and more – a great resource for anyone studying Indian politics, and for voters who want to better understand their constituency, state and country.
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