Monday, July 7, 2014

Full Text RSS Feed Builder

Full Text RSS Feed Builder Regain control of your feeds and get the full text of every article, blog post and story! Enter the feed URL and click the "submit" button to receive your new full-text feed URL that you can use anywhere.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Creative, Share and Inspiring Work by and for the Artist

Artist Inspire Artist is dedicated to creative work in nearly 20 categories, including architecture, dance, fashion, film, fine art, sculpture, photography and even web design. It even has a section dedicated to individual showcases, complete with artist bios, their website addresses, social network profiles, et al. Visitors are encouraged to browse the site, get inspired, and then even submit their own artwork to inspire others. AIA is a great site if you’re a student of design, work in the creative industry, or are just looking for some eye candy.

Mix Tape of Searched YouTube Videos

Muzic Genie presents you with search results that get automatically queued up. You can continue searching for more videos and then click on the plus sign next to the ones you want to add to your list. Register with MG or sign in with your Facebook/ Twitter account and you will be able to save and edit your playlists. The website clearly displays “now playing” and what’s “coming up next”, with the options to skip a video, loop it or remove from a queued video. Click on the “Related Videos” and you will also be able to discover new content.
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