Friday, October 17, 2014

Selfie in Motion

Donut Selfie it involves using panoramic video shots of your head to create a seamless selfie that travels across different locations. The technique was created by ex-Microsoft employee Karen Cheng while she was experimenting with sweeping camera motions. The social media star has since released a video that shows the camera spinning around her head, with the scenery changing each time from her workplace, to a train station and even her bed. Ms Cheng explains that you can create your own doughnut selfie using the front-facing camera on a smartphone. Starting from one side of your temple, arc the phone around your head, across your face and to the other side, while capturing scenery in the background. This gives the impression to viewers that they are passing through a subject’s head and arriving in a different location each time, said Ms Cheng.The process can be repeated as many times as needed and in as many like as you’d like, with the clips edited together using an app. Ms Cheng, who is based in San Francisco, created her video using an iPhone and edited it with iMovie. She has put together a three-part tutorial as part of a dedicated website describing the technique.
Part One Tutorial
Part Two Tutorial
Part Three Tutorial

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