Sunday, November 22, 2009

Baby gives 2-finger salute from the womb

A baby boy who created a real stir even before he was born by seemingly sticking two fingers up at his parents  has made his arrival into the world.
Cheeky Owen Skeffington left his parents Kelly Winder and Owen Skeffington open-mouthed when he stuck two fingers up during a special 4D scan, when Kelly was 27 weeks pregnant.
His comical antics caused great hilarity ... and the sonographer carrying out the scan even asked for the couple's permission to reproduce the image and put it on the wall for other patients to see.

Take Two: Owen Skeffington's scan when his mother was at 27 weeks pregnant
Was he rude?

Kelly and Owen, who also have three-year-old twins, girls, Niamh and Erin, say they can't decide whether baby Owen was being rude to them before his birth or simply making reference to the fact that he had two sisters!
The father joked, "Luckily, he didn't come out sticking two fingers up!"

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