Tuesday, December 22, 2009

English Verses by me

I once came across a guy,
Who was nice n shy,
He made me laugh, he made me smile,
Although we were apart a thousand miles,
While I was going thru rough phase,
He said believe me, world is a better place.
He made me forget all my sorrows n pain,
I lost myself but a Friend I gain.
After knowing him, I valued his presence,
Start taking life in different sense.
I changed my attitude, I changed my opinion,
Coz, now I have such a good companion.
I've never met n never seen him,
But whenever he talks I can feel him.
I always look forward to know more about him,
Think n pray for his good all the time.
Although he was so good, but has 1 bad point,
He always fails to contact, at the need of time.
And at that time of need, I get stress,
How can I be cool, when he lost the touch.
He has more friends and important work to do,
I've his friendship only, what can I do?
I've never hurt his feelings n never ask for much,
All I wanted to be, stay in his touch.
He might later realize that,
So he tried to contact.
I did answer and said Hi,
He said soon he will go abroad n say me good bye.
I once came across a nice guy.
And his name was Sanmoy.

I can’t count the smiles tht I hav brought into your life
All I can see is the tears rolling from your cheeks
I can’t count the success tht I hav brought into your life
All I can see the failure tht u hav got so far
I can’t count the importance of my presence into your life
All I can see the absence tht can make you peaceful
I can’t count the reason to connect with your life
All I can see the disconnection can bring u some stability

U cannot make me love you,
U cannot make me hate you,
But u can do one thing that is
U can make me best friend of you.

I love u not becoz u loves me but becoz I want to be loved by you.

U were with me in my lows n high
U were with me when things wrong gone by
Now when u become part of my life
How can u let me alone n go by?

God gave us two ends. One to sit on and one to think with
Success depends on which one U use
Head u win and tails u loose.

1 comment:

Nithin R S said...

I think you had a good online friend who cared you.Well,this life indeed is a better place to live on.well,never get too attached to anyone,especially online.Trust me,it becomes very difficult to get through days without them.
Good poem from heart.

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