Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jesus appears on naan in UK

It's been a busy time for the face of Christ recently, appearing on an iron, in a bruise, on a car window - and now on a naan bread in a curry house in Surrey.

LONDON: A Briton who loves Indian food was left dumbstruck after spotting the face of Jesus on his naan.
Plumber David Howlett, 34, was enjoying his meal at India Dining in Esher, Surrey, when he saw Christ-like markings on the blackened parts of his bread.
He lost no time in piping up about the event.
He explains that the fact it was Twelfth Night added to the general spookiness of the episode.
“I spotted Jesus looking back at me. It was one eerie experience given how close we were to Christmas,” he told The Mirror.

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