Monday, February 8, 2010

World's Internet Censorship Tracker

Herdict – short for “verdict of the herd” is a community-driven web monitor that tracks internet censorship across the world. Herdict users report their Web site problems anonymously – IP addresses are recorded but only general location is displayed – so people can post without fear of government repercussions.The site fosters a sense of community among those who can’t fully navigate the Web and provides them with hope for a freer Internet.


MessageForce said...

The censorship tracker mentioned is a new concept for me and i think that the clips were great enough to explain me the entire process in a very short span of time. An intelligent blog has such a quality.

Anonymous said...

Thanks!! Thanks a Lot. I thought no one would respond me. I'm overwhelmed on your appreciation. For improving my web page, I hope for your comments in near Future.

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