Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Guerrilla gardener who plants flowers in potholes.

LONDON: Guerrilla gardener Steve Wheen is transforming ugly and dangerous potholes on London’s roads into mini spring showcases.
The cyclist decided to plant cyclamen, narcissus and polyanthus in the holes after becoming fed up with the state of roads. The 33-year-old’s green do-gooding is proving popular as his Web site – – has had 25,000 hits in its first month.
“I’m a mad keen gardener but I live in a small flat without a garden,” said Wheen, from Shoreditch. “I also wanted to make a point. As a cyclist, I find potholes a constant menace. I have almost come off my bike several times,” he added.
“I choose smaller roads or pavements with potholes and work early morning or evening so that I don’t get run over while gardening. I prefer to use low plants with bright, colourful flowers in the hope that motorists will see my gardens and avoid them,” said Wheen.
But he admits his colourful work often falls victim to traffic. “My first effort only lasted two hours before it was destroyed. They have a short life,” he said, adding, “But if I can draw a cyclist’s attention to a pothole so that they don’t hit it, and put a smile on their face, that is enough for me”

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