Sunday, June 13, 2010

Chinese Armless woman is top embroiderer

HAIYANG: A women born with no arms in China is said to be the best embroiderer in her village.
Ren Jiemei, 65, is so skilled with her feet that she can always thread a needle at the first attempt, reports Qilu Evening Post.
Her embroidering skills are so perfect that able-bodied villagers say they can’t compete with her in terms of speed or quality.
“I was born without arms. So from childhood, I swore to myself that I’d use my feet to do everything,” she said.
Ren, of Haiyang, Shandong province, has learnt to use her feet to eat, wash, comb her hair, draw pictures and cut paper.
In her school days, she used her mouth to turn the pages, and wrote with her feet. Despite her handicap, she often topped the class.
In April 2009, Ren was invited to give speeches to Sichuan Earthquake survivors on how to cope with disability.

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