Monday, June 21, 2010

Indian Boy stood by her till her end[Who says True Love has vanish]

Sunny Pawar, 25, has spent the better part of his past four years struggling to keep his paralysed girlfriend alive and in good health.
On Tuesday, when Aarti Makwana, 23, passed away, he couldn’t help but feel the void. However, he has come to terms with the fact that keeping her alive was not necessarily in her best interest.

A photograph of Sunny Pawar and Aarti Makwana taken three months ago at her Mira Road house.
Pawar said, “We wanted to keep her alive out of selfishness. It is probably better for her that she died.” Makwana, who had a car accident in 2006, could not even recognise Pawar or her mother since then.
The injury she sustained when her car turned turtle had taken away her ability to communicate.
Pawar, who she was in a relationship with for 15 months before the accident, gave his own education up to take care of her. He used to spend 12 hours a day by her side. Mumbai Mirror had reported his courage and endurance in December 2007.
“I am drawing strength from the fact that she lived for so long after the accident. If she had died back then, I too may have died of shock.”The Dahisar resident, who met Aarti during a summer job in 2005, resumed college last June after her health started improving. “I learned many things while tending to Aarti.
As a tribute to her courage, I enrolled for a Masters in Social Work at Nirmala Niketan college. In the past one year, her condition had improved a lot. As I had to attend classes, I used to meet Aarti only for a few hours every day.”
However, his one regret is that she could not express herself right up to the end. “She could only make incomprehensible sounds.On June 13, Aarti developed a fever. On June 15, she was diagnosed with pneumonia. At 8.30 pm the same night, she breathed her last

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