Thursday, July 8, 2010

Driver Hits Only Object In empty Car Park

You are in a vast, empty car park. You can park anywhere. There is one pay-and-display meter in sight. Can you manage to park without crashing into it?
Nicely done: The driver stands with two policemen beside his crashed car in the virtually empty car park
(after a few other cars had turned up and demonstrated a markedly less crashy approach to parking)
In the case of this driver, who was trying to park at about 7 in the morning at a station in Bern, Switzerland, the answer was a resounding 'no.' 
He somehow he managed to avoid the massive amounts of empty space in the car park, and drive his white Mitsubishi Galant straight into the only obstacle in sight, Blick reported.
Railway worker Sascha Aebischer, who was working in a nearby office, said: 'I had to laugh because he was the first there and could have parked anywhere.' 

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