Thursday, July 15, 2010

Put Me Down. Lizard Saying to Elephant

The unlucky creature had been swept off the ground and was carried around for a number of days by Madhuri, an Indian elephant. With tail firmly clamped in the animal's trunk the lizard was swung around and occasionally put back on the floor.
This is not the beginning of a beautiful friendship: Madhuri, an Indian elephant, swings a monitor lizard about by its tail at a park in India
These extraordinary shots were taken by Jagdeep Rajput during a trip to Corbett National Park, in India. The 49-year-old, from Delhi, has been taking photographs for 20 years but admitted he had never before seen such a bizarre spectacle.
In a spin: Madhuri was enjoying her lunch, although the lizard may have been feeling a bit nauseous
The park has a good population of lizards and Madhuri is known as an expert in catching them - she has a particular fancy for monitor lizards.'She caught the lizard alive and carried it all the time for few days - tossing it up and even dropping it.
The lizard makes a break for it after several days of being carried around as Madhuri's new toy

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