Friday, July 16, 2010

Russian Artists Creates From Dollar Currency

Artist creates works out of dollar bills
A highly-paid businesswoman gave up her job to establish an art career creating works made entirely out of dollar notes.
Irina Truhanova from Latvia sketches an outline before filling it in with snippets of the bills.
Her creations include Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, a geisha, a Bentley car and the Statue of Liberty.
Truhanova said: "I wanted to create mosaics that personified freedom, independence, business and capital, and using real US currency seemed to fit this perfectly.
"I received requests for commissions very quickly and within a few months I realised I could stop using my office job to make money and support myself by making money pictures full-time."


Nithin R S said...

Cool, its very satisfactory to earn from what you love doing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a Ton Nitin for your wonderful comments. I cordially appreciate your views.

Abhishek said...

Juhi Nice Post !
If your hobby becomes your job then what better you could ask for.
Well i also a blogger from your very own Meerut.

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