Wednesday, July 28, 2010

SHUT UP!! Male Sparrow clutches her beak by claw

This incredible picture shows how a lovers tiff between two sparrows ended abruptly when the male bird rudely took matters into his own claws and clamped his female friend's beak shut.
Silenced: The male sparrow clamps his female friend's beak shut with his left claw
Postman Schmidli, 55, from Switzerland said he studied the sparrows in his garden for a month before he began taking pictures. Sparrows mainly have little squabbles over food.
'But in this one shot it really looked like the darker male had just had enough of a nearby female's cheeping and decided to try and quieten the din down.'
Tiff: Two other sparrows squabble over food in Urs Schmidli's garden in Switzerland
 Incoming: A sparrow hovers overhead during a tiff with fellow feathered friend
Confrontation: The sparrows put on a dazzling show as they square up and spread their wings


Roller shoes said...

thank you for share,good post

Debra Ann Flynn said...

I saw this through a google search for Indian sparrows, and I wanted to say these are nice shots!

Juhi From Meerut said...

Thanks Roller Shoes and Debra Anna Flynn for liking my post.

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