Thursday, August 5, 2010

3D Scene Behind The Door

These stunning Trompe l'oeil doors are simple fabric designs which deceive the eye into thinking there is a 3D scene behind the door by using ultra-high quality images.
These cunning posters fool the eye into 'seeing' a corridor that isn't there
Trompe-l'oeil - it translates from the French as 'deceive the eye' - is an art technique that creates the illusion of three dimensional depth by using an extremely realistic printing technique.
What better way to disguise a messy roomful of books than with this, slightly more artful, messy stack of books?
The £125 fabric posters can be trimmed to fit any door with a regular pair of scissors and are simply glued in place.
You can liven up a dull corridor with uplifting views, such as this picturesque Paris street
The highly durable and washable images are the latest interior design idea created by Christophe Koziel for Couture Deco.
You can create an air of mystery in the most ordinary suburban semi by sticking this atmospheric 'Catacombs' image to an internal door

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