Monday, August 2, 2010

Incredible Art from Pencil lead

Finding the Art in a Pencil Tip
Dalton Ghetti 45-year-old Bridgeport resident has been carving sculptures into pencil lead, without the aid of a magnifying glass, for 25 years.
Dalton Ghetti makes sculptures out of pencils, including a tiny saw and a pencil whose center has been carved into a chain, which is framed.
Last year, after two and half years, he finished a line of 26 pencils, with each letter of the alphabet carved into the tip.
Mr. Ghetti often takes years to complete pieces, especially since pencil carving is only a hobby, along with camping and coaching volleyball at the Westport Y.M.C.A. He sells postcards and posters of his art (pieces are not for sale), but his main income comes from carpentry.It’s second nature now, and for 90 percent of his work, all he needs is a sewing needle, a razor blade and a carpenter’s or No. 2 pencil.

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