Tuesday, September 7, 2010

When I diagnosed Ovarian Cyst

Recently when I went to a Gynecologist, for being overdue, two months cycles. She first did a pregnancy test which came negative as I have already done that. Then she referred me for a Sonography/Ultrasound of my ovaries. Have a look of my Ultrasounds of both ovaries.
My right side ovary has almost 7cm cyst and left one has almost 3 cm cyst. And the results were so distressing and scary that I m not get over by it. I am still in state of shock. See my report.
When I Google about Ovarian Cyst that what I got close to a look alike of my cyst. This is a real photo of an ovary from inside. It says affected left ovary is of 6cm where mine is 7cm and which is right ovary.
The side effects of cyst are weight gain, mood swing, emotional balance and water retention. As per my experience the real cause of cyst are STRESS, contraceptive pills that leads to rupture the egg or formation of cyst. And cyst in return develops lots of things for e.g.
Lower and back pain - we generally think as wrong body posture,
Weight gain - irregular eating habits here means unable to take meal at proper time,
Stress – part of life,
Abdominal / thigh pain – pre-cycles pain,
The sad part is that no medicine is being effective, uncertain amount of time to get heal and it can develop again. Operation is also a solution those who can afford go on but as there are chances that it develops again so I am telling a less costly way. By the time my medication would start I would be over by 3 months. Which is generally is the indication of a Pregnancy but sadly not in my case.
I know that I need to make some strict changes in my diet and efforts in tackling those situations and people that are the reasons for the formation.
Till then I’m emotionally disturbed and just like a drowning person trying to reach to the shores.
This news I have mentioned to let those people know who are regular in visiting my blog and might be wonder the reason of silence. Please pray for me and for all the women who are into my situation.

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Abhishek said...

Its very depressing news.
But you can overcome it easily by enjoying your life as you were doing earlier.
Just follow necessary instructions.
God is always there for help.
Be Happy !
Best Wishes !

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