Thursday, June 23, 2011

Online Bribe Game

Pay Bribe It’s an online game, called Briber Table Ke Neeche Kya Hai, developed by Neeraj Kookada, who studies civil engineering, and his friends. Kookada is assisted by batchmates Mukund Madhav (caricatures), Saif Hassan (web designing), Ritika Goyal, Mayank Singhal, Niranjan Shirdhar and Nidhi Shanbhag.
IIT student Neeraj Kookada (L), who along with his friends, created the game
Briber is divided into four categories: corruption in college admissions, bargaining with a corrupt traffic cop, haggling with a ticket checker after getting caught on train, and becoming a bookie and dealing with a dishonest cricketer.
The game is all about getting as corrupt as possible. For instance, a player is asked whether he/she is willing to part with his/her soul to achieve the target. Clicking on Yes will get maximum points.
The game ends with points being calculated, and a player’s potential unscrupulousness is determined. Kookada said, “We want to look at corruption through humour, with sarcasm.

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