Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lady GaGa Copied Former Divas' Styles

Two singing legends have claimed the 25-year-old stole their signature styles.
Actress Bette Midler, 65, lashed out after GaGa dressed as a mermaid while in a wheelchair at a gig in Sydney last week. She tweeted: "I've been doing singing mermaid in a wheelchair since 1980. You can keep the meat dress and firecracker tits - the mermaid's mine."
Eighties star Grace Jones, 63, also claimed GaGa had copied her.
She said: "I've seen some of the things she's worn that I've worn and that kind of p***es me off."
Here are the looks Grace may be talking about...
Grace's from the Eighties and GaGa's just earlier this year
PURPLE CATSUITS:Grace's from the Eighties and GaGa's just earlier this year
Grace goes for red alien-style headgear while Lady GaGa favours
the crustacean creation
The sun shines on Grace and GaGa in these hats
Grace hopes Lady GaGa's copycat style is not turning into a naughty habit
GaGa earns her fashion stripes by ripping off Grace's enormous titfer.
GaGa as a mermaid in a wheelchair last week.
It has been part of Bette Midler's stage show since 1980, inset

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