Wednesday, September 28, 2011

SMS Services for Indian Railways by Google

To get PNR Status

To get PNR status of Indian Railways train ticket, enter your 10 digit pnr number, that is printed on the top left corner of your ticket and send it to 9-77-33-00000.

Syntax: <pnr number>


To: 9773300000
Message: 2344657657

To check Seat Availability

To get train seat availability, send "TRAIN AVAIL TO ON " to 9773300000.

Syntax: TRAIN AVAIL <train number> <start city> TO <end city> ON <date>


To: 9773300000
Message: TRAIN AVAIL 1018 Bangalore TO Mumbai ON 31-03

To check Train Schedule

To get train schedule, send "TRAIN SCHEDULE < train number > to 9773300000.

Syntax: TRAIN SCHEDULE <train number>


To: 97733 00000
Message: TRAIN SCHEDULE 2926


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