Monday, October 17, 2011

Dial-An-Auto Service in Mumbai, India

Rickshawale Dial-an-auto service kicks off in Mumbai.

From Thursday the 13th Oct, 2011 you can book an auto on the city's first dial-a-rickshaw service on 022-25747474, which will provide an online 24x7 booking system for just Rs20 extra.
The three founders specify that besides being a consumer-driven concept, it is about the auto drivers. "No one ever looks at the other side of the story," said Hemant Jain, one of the founders of the service.
Around 300 auto drivers have been selected from the 500 applications after screening documents, checking family backgrounds and driving skills.
The service is, as one of the founders says, a "stripped down version of the Meru cab service". You dial 022-25747474 and specify your travel details, which is then fed on the site. This is linked with an interface on Google maps which throws up the nearest landmarks.
Rickshawale has identified 3,000 locations. The nearest drivers in the area are informed via SMS and the first driver to respond - fastest finger-style - is given a confirmation email with the passenger's phone number, address and travel details. Once the confirmation is set, the commuter is given details of the auto driver, his telephone number and licence plate number. You have transport at your doorstep for just Rs20 more than the regular fare. This service charge is irrespective of the distance traveled.
"We are looking at passengers who want this service in real time, though we are open to bookings a day in advance," said Gaurav Kohli, another founder. Commuters can also call and complain about a driver on this number.

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