Thursday, January 3, 2013

Indian Teenager invents anti-molestation device for women

Teenager invents anti-molestation device for women

New Delhi: A young inventor, Manu Chopra, may soon change the way women travel in the country. He has invented an anti-molestation device for women, which can be worn as a wrist watch.

Many women from the national capital have faced terror on the roads of Delhi, which has a high rate of crime against women. Some of them may have survived to tell the tale, but it has not been easy dealing with the aftermath.

But the young teenager Manu Chopra now has invented an anti-molestation device for women, worn like a wrist watch. This device works to give electric shocks to attackers based on the speed of nerve impulses.

The average speed of nerve impulses transmitted from the brain to other parts of the body is 60 metre per second. In case of any attempt of molestation, the speed of the nerve impulses increase to 119 metre per second. It is then that this device detects the increased nerve impulse and stings the attacker with a small electric shock of 0.01 amperes. On contact, the attacker is left paralyzed for a few moments, giving the victim time to escape.

Chopra was one of the 20 young innovators selected from a group of 5,000 to work under the guidance of former President APJ Abul Kalam. His innovation has won him accolades from Kalam himself and the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.

Although the anti-molestation device is still at a developmental stage, Chopra, with the help of the National Innovation Federation has already started stepping ahead to make his device commercially available. His first potential customer is his school principal.

Ritu Pathak, the Principal of GD Goenka School said, "Yes, I will use the product once it is commercially available and I'm confident about it."

The device may not be of use to men, since it can only detect the female hormone, but Manu's invention is a start and with the right commercial backing and a little streamlining it could instill a feeling of safety and confidence in women.


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