Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Fun Designs on Food Plate by a Malaysian Mom

A Malaysian mother has become an Instagram star thanks to the creatively-styled plates of food she prepares for her two young daughters.
Top dog:The fire is made from strawberries, while snoopy himself is a slice of toast
Samantha Lee has acquired over 200,000 followers on the photo-sharing site thanks to her culinary interpretations of Lady Gaga, Batman and Snoopy.
Samantha Lee created this dish using rice for the body, seaweed for the dark accents and omelet for the hair. She used a toothpick to carve out the sunglasses from a slice of cheese. The red sauce is ketchup.
'I've never been to any cooking class or training before. I'm a very ordinary stay at home mom,' she told
Rice, cheese and seaweed helped create this Batman.
'I didn't expect it to grow so much. I'm thankful for what is happening to me at the moment.' Mrs Lee said she started creating her food characters to help engage her eldest daughter, then two, who ate very slowly at mealtimes.
Her idea worked a treat, and now both her girls adore making up stories about the whimsical faces on their dinner plates.
These Minions are made from meatballs covered with melted cheese. The goggles are carved out of cheese slices.
'They don't feel bad eating the cute food,' Mrs Lee says. 'They would make up some stories while eating. It makes meal time fun.'
Mrs Lee says that each dish takes about an hour-and-a-half to create, and uses relatively simple tools, such as scissors and toothpicks, to bring her ideas to life.
'I love to make something practical. Something for everyone to be able to follow'
She even posts adorable how-to videos on her Lee Samantha/Facebook

and leesamantha on Instagram pages to show fans how to recreate each plate.
Bread and creative use of Nutella spread creates this tasty Ninja basking under an orange-and-apple sun.
More in-depth how-to instructions are published on her blog, Eatzy Bitzy.
And Here is The Talented Lady Lee Samantha herself

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