Thursday, September 5, 2013

Wedding Horror Stories

A new series of short films has shed light on some real-life wedding horror stories, from a bridesmaid throwing up on the bride to drunk guests having orgies during the reception.
Period Flims asked the public to submit their craziest tales from friends and families members' nuptials. The three most harrowing reads were recounted on camera by Star Trek actor Zachary Quinto.
Former bride, Amy McCarthy Hazel from Las Vegas, Nevada, told how the pastor cancelled a week before her big day so she had to get a friend ordained to perform the ceremony and the DJ died just days prior. 'The dead DJ's friend became our new DJ,' she explained in her submission. 'And dedicated our reception to his friend's memory over the microphone.' To top it all off her mother got drunk and threw the entire leftover wedding cake blindly into the trunk of her car.
Period.Flims recently debuted a feature-length film, Breakup At a Wedding, that centres around a disastrous fictional wedding. It called for the public to come forward with their own wedding disaster stories to coincide with its release.

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