Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Avatar software mimics facial expressions to transform you over Skype

Facerig Software captures facial expressions using an ordinary webcam and reproduces them instantly on the face of a chosen character. The software is set to be released before August this year for as little as $5 (£3) for early adopters, although the price will rise as the programme becomes more sophisticated.. Future versions of the software could track a person's body movements and even brainwaves to gauge and communicate a user's excitement. It will be able to be used with Skype or any other webcam service when it is released.
HOW FACERIG SOFTWARE WORKS The software tracks a person’s expressions and head movements. It extracts tracked data to apply the animation on a 3D model that a user has selected in realtime. The software uses a normal webcam and can work alongside video chat services such as Skype as well as in web cast games. Users can alter the sound of their voice and even use a karaoke mode. People can change the way their avatar is lit as well as any props they might carry. They can choose characters including a Japanese school girl, a horned demon and a red panda.

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