Sunday, January 26, 2014

Virtual Mannequin Solves Online Shopping Problems A new virtual mannequin that can alter its shape to any set of measurements is set to fix online shopping's sizing problem for good. Retailers like Adidas, Nicole Fahri and Hugo Boss have already enlisted the online mannequin, which allows customers to enter their own dimensions and see what a specific item of clothing will look like on their body shape.

Developed by the University of Tartu in Estonia, researchers enlisted the help of Human Solutions, a German firm specializing in body dimensions and ergonomic simulation, to develop a database of thousands of combinations of hip width, chest diameter, sleeve length, and waist size.
Retailers who have joined forces with the virtual mannequin simply ship samples of their clothing collections to the studio in London, where staff photograph each item on the shape-altering mannequin. Photographed several thousand times as they morph through thousands of permutations of size and shape, creates a comprehensive image database for each item of clothing. And each image in the database comes with the precise dimensions of the mannequin. When an online shopper goes to, for example, they simply plug in their own measurements to see any piece of clothing on their own body shape.
And if the shopper doesn’t know their measurements, they can enter their height, weight, age and body shape; the virtual mannequin is then able to calculate the remaining measurements needed to accurately determine fit.
And what if you like to wear your clothes baggy, or perhaps prefer a slim fit. The mannequin's Fit Advisor can also ask the online shopper a few key body measurements before determining whether they usually wear their clothes tight, or with a ‘regular’ or 'loose' fit.

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