Sunday, December 12, 2010

Canadian Artist ‘paints’ portraits of Gandhi, Lennon with bullets

Artist Viktor Mitic, who was once told to become more 'penetrating' with his art by a disapproving critic, has taken aim at a number of murdered celebrities and showered them in a hail of bullets to 'paint' their portraits.
John Lenon
He uses a combination of semi-automatic handguns, rifles and shotguns to shoot holes into his canvases, which have been condemned for their incredibly poor taste and insensitive nature.
Mahatma Gandhi
Mitic became used to using guns when performed his National Service for the Serbian Army in Yugoslavia.
And he only turned to using the controversial art medium of guns when a snooty art critic warned him that he would not gain notoriety without being more cutting edge.
There are some living celebrities depicted, too. All of the people portrayed are iconic, recognisable figures.
Film director Quentin Tarantino
Westerns actor John Wayne
The Last Supper
Mao Zedong, better known as Chairman Mao
Iconic beauty Marilyn Monroe
Famous living artist Damien Hirst

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