Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Increase the Sound of your Quiet Mp3 Songs

If you have a few downloaded MP3 songs in your personal collection that aren’t loud enough, tried all the three options.
Vloud This site lets you upload your track, and then you can choose to make it ‘loud’,‘louder’, or ‘loudest’ – and the site will do the rest for you. This website has 2 bad points 1st that it's online and the uploading depands upon your internet speed and secondly that it take only one song at a time.
Mp3doctor If every time you play mp3 files, you have to manually adjust the volume gain of each song or at least some songs, then try this. Good point is that it takes more than one songs at at time. The only bad point it has that free version is for unknown limited period and then you need to buy the Mp3Doctor PRO.
Last but not the least this one I'm currently using and totally satisfied from it also. Mp3 Quality Modifier is a straightforward program that is able to easily change the quality of your MP3's in order to save disk space and/or to fit more music on your MP3 player while maintaining the desired level of audio quality and keeping all ID3 tags intact! It's available offline also.

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