Monday, June 17, 2013

Dog does not want to bathe

Clever dog repeatedly shuts his kennel door as owner tries to give him a wash
The clever Alsatian has learned how to shut the door to his kennel so his owner can't reach him when bath time arrives. The video, entitled 'dog does not want to bath' in Russian, shows a man with glasses trying to entice his dog out of a large wooden shed. But the second he moves away, the quick-thinking canine raises his paw and claws a plank on the wooden door to pull it closed. The dog then closes the door on his owner a further two times before he is eventually convinced to come out. But when his owner grabs a metal bucket with water to wash him, the animal quicker scarpers back in to his kennel and promptly closes the door shut. His owner tries to tempt his dog out of his kennel once more - but this time the animal isn't falls, and shuts the door in his face once more.

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