Thursday, July 4, 2013

American TV Reporter Get Revenge On Video Bombers

Reporter gets revenge against people who want to be on TV
A Chicago TV reporter got the perfect revenge on 'video bombers' who interrupt his live reports by embarrassing them with a series of personal questions.
Pat Tomasulo was tired of having his live reports interrupted by passers-by who made gestures behind his back.
Bosses at his TV station in Chicago allowed him to exact his revenge by pretending to be broadcasting and grabbing his victims for live interviews on air.
But instead of asking them sensible questions he asked them about erectile dysfunction and why they wore ladies underwear.
One bemused man was asked how long he had been using cream to get rid of a rash.
Embarrassed by the personal questions many of the 'video bombers' quickly slink away out of shot of the camera.
Tomasulo was given free rein to take his revenge in a segment on WGN-TV called 'The Pat-Down'.
The embarrassing interviews take place in a Chicago Mall.

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