Saturday, July 6, 2013

Mission Impossible: Babies Escape

Mission Impossible: Babies Escape In a video compilation on YouTube called Mission Impossible: Babies Escape, six sneaky babies find ways to clamber over barriers, crawl out of their cribs and even help their siblings escape,too.
One particularly skilful one-year-old named Mia, who is clad in a bright pink onesie pajama, clambers over a gate which was presumably put in place to keep her from climbing the stairs.
Scroll down for video The phenomenon of baby escape is apparently widespread, with dozens of YouTube videos displaying the often jaw-dropping skills of toddlers who just don't want to stay put.
In the video, one tiny baby named Annabelle, who looks to be just a few months old, doesn't let a baby gate prevent her from crawling where she wants to crawl. The infant ducks underneath the gate and slides with ease through the gap below it.
Two sets of twins in the video put their brains together and use teamwork to help each other break out of their cribs.The clever 22-month-old escape artist lowers the wall of her sister's crib, so that she can more easily crawl out.To cover her tracks after her twin has been freed, the girl then lifts the crib wall up again, so that it looks untouched, and the twins run off together.
One of the boys climbs to the top of his crib wall, reaches out and pulls his brother's crib over so that the two are adjacent.
Another baby in the clip, 14-month-old Conor, doesn't let a television distract him from completing his escape mission. The dexterous toddler shows his talent for multi-tasking as he ascends the crib wall, straddles the top of it and then drops - almost gracefully - to the floor.

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